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Legal Auditing Services - LAS

LAS was established to satisfy the demands and needs of all parties associated with the legal world, including bulk purchasers of legal services, legal expenses insurers, funders, specialist brokers and underwriters and, of course, legal practices. The services provided are wide ranging and include open and closed file review, service/technical audit, compliance, due diligence, performance management, risk management reviews.

LAS in detail

The Legal Landscape

The legal landscape has and continues to change rapidly and dramatically: The Legal Services Act (Tesco Law); Referral fee reform; Outcome based Regulation; The Legal Aid Bill; Assigned risk pool demise; Jackson reforms. Against this background Legal Auditing Services has been established to provide a range of audit and risk management services to the legal profession, purchasers of legal services and those providing support.

Our Services

LAS Recent Assignments

Since the launch of LAS in 2011 we have been engaged in a variety of assignments and have been delighted with the interest and demand we have had for the services offered. Some examples of assignments include Due Diligence audits, File Audits, Adjusting, Performance Management, Risk Management and due diligence for funds providers.

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